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Marilyn's Gift Spa Box is a great gift for the women in your life.  These luxurious products will give her the necessary tools to help her feel pampered and rejuvenated.  She will feel like she has gone to the spa.
The Marilyn's Gift Spa Box is a great gift to give those you love to help them get ready for spring and summer.  This spa box includes our signature lip balm  as well as the following products: satin pillowcase, aloe socks, exfoliator glove, hot and cold eye mask, under eye pads and a dry brush.  What a great gift to get them ready for the months ahead.
Marilyn's Gift Spa Box has a satin pillow case in it. A satin pillowcase is great in helping to reduce tension in your skin. It is also great for decreasing bedhead in the morning.
The Dry Brush included in the Marilyn's Gift Spa Box is perfect to help with unclogging pores and helping rid the body of toxins.
The aloe socks in the Marilyn's Gift Spa Box not provide moisture for your feet; they also help keep them fresh.
The wake-up call hot and cold under eye pads can be used to banish puffiness, tension and itchiness.
The exfoliator glove offers a fast and efficient way to remove dead skin and other impurities. This glove is found in the Marilyn's Gift Spa Box.
The hot and cold eye mask found in the Marilyn's Gift Spa Box will help ease minor pain. It will help with soothe headaches, puffiness, eye strain and itchy eyes.
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Help her feel more relaxed, rested and ready for a great spring with our Spa Box. She'll get an exfoliating mitt for softening hands, a hot and cold eye mask, hot and cold gel under eye pads, super soft spa socks to get her feet sandal ready, a silk satin pillowcase, a dry brush and our fantastic lip balm.  

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