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Marilyn's Gift has a Chemo Comfort box that is ideal to send to someone who has cancer or other health issues.  This box is perfect to keep them busy whether they are going through chemotherapy or spending time at home while recovering.  The Chemo Comfort box contains a variety of items to help them during their recovery: comfortable socks, lemon drops, lip balm, coloring box and a journal along with crayons and pen to journal.  Send someone you love this box to let them know they are loved.

Chemo Comfort Box

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When a family member or friend is facing a scary health challenge, our first reaction is to give comfort and support.  Our Chemo Comfort Box is designed for that moment.  It has great socks to keep their feet comfy and warm, lemon drops to their mouth from drying out, and our lip balm to soothe dry chapped lips . It also has a coloring book, crayons, a journal and pen so they can color or journal - both activities known to  reduce stress and anxiety - and it keeps them busy while sitting for long periods of time. It really will help them get through those lengthy hospital visits and make them feel loved.