Birds in Spring
Birds in Spring
This hummingbird sun catcher will be beautiful when  placed on your window.  The colorful crystals as well as the crystal ball at the bottom will reflect a beautiful light into your room.
A wonderful addition to any kitchen or bathroom.  This hummingbird Swedish washcloth is perfect for cleaning up messes and is the equivalent of 17 rolls of paper towels. It is an eco-friendly paper towel.
Enjoy this Seattle Chocolate candy bar adorned with a bird on its cover.  This dark chocolate truffle bar has almonds and sea salt in them.  It is sure to be a good treat.
A hummingbird sticker can  be used on a computer, water bottle or any other surface.  This hummingbird is a reminder of vitality and energy.
The Birds of North America provide a fun way to identify birds while playing cards.  Hearts equal Backyard Birds.  Clubs are waterfowl. Diamonds are Shorebirds and Spades are Raptors.
This notepad and pen will be perfect for getting ready for spring.  Jot down your lists so you can remember all of those important things you need to get done.

Birds in Spring

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Bring some spring to someone with Marilyn's Gift Birds in Spring box. Get one before they fly away!  Each box has a hummingbird sun catcher for your window, a hummingbird Swedish washcloth, a deck of cards featuring birds, a notepad and pen, a chocolate bar from Seattle Chocolates.