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Send your loved one a Marilyn's Gift Holiday Box to brighten the season.  Let them enjoy these items: A zigzag multi-section mini jewelry box, a sparkly heart key chain, a lava bracelet, a lux bath pop and an Abdallah peppermint bark
The Lava Stone bracelet is formed from magma.  It is considered to be a stone of rebirth, courage, and strength.  It is good for calming and stabilizing emotions during times of change. Lava stones can also be used to diffuse aromatherapy essential oil and promote therapeutic benefits.
The Cait and Co Confetti Bath Bomb Push Pop will give a little bit of excitement in your bath.  One of these three colors will be a part of your gift box and give you a little bit fun in the tub.
This fun sparkle heart shaped key chain will make it easy to find your keys and add a little bling in your bag.
On your next trip, bring this artisan jewelry box with multiple compartments.    Or, you can also use as a mini jewelry box at home or carry it in your purse.
Who doesn't love Peppermint Bark?   Enjoy this Abdallah individually wrapped peppermint bark for the holidays.
These options are available for the artisan compartmentalized compact jewelry box.

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Give them some Holiday cheer with a Marilyn's Gift Holiday Box.  Forget the chaos of 2020, by giving them something to brighten their holidays.  This box includes: a compact jewelry box, a lava bracelet with a little bit of sparkle, a heart shaped key chain with sparkle on one side and different colors on the other, a Cait and Co bath pop and Abdullah peppermint bark to celebrate.