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Take a look at our Bee Happy Marilyn's Gift Box.  We have some great bee related products to include: a bee tea towel, some Naked Bee products, Savannah Bee honey & honey dipper and some shortbread cookies.
This bee tea towel by Kay Dee is adorable and a reminder that summer is nearing.  It will brighten up your kitchen and remind you about bees.
This Naked Bee Orange Blossom lotion has vitamins for your skin health and is natural and organic.
Naked Bee Hand Salve offers relief for dry, rough or cracking hands.  Sunflower seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, fragrance,tocopherol (vit e) comfrey leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract.
This Naked Bee Hand Sanitizer is made with natural ingredients and is a perfect size to carry in your purse or pocket.
Savannah Bee Honey is the perfect size to use and not have it get sticky.  It is made in Savannah and pairs well with fresh fruit or drizzling in coffee or on a biscuit.  The honey dipper is made of birch wood and helps with drizzling the honey.
Bee Happy Box
Bee Happy Box
Bee Happy with this assortment of products.  First, there is this adorable bee themed tea towel. Then there are an assortment of products from Naked Bee: lotion, hand sanitizer, hand salve.  (For our subscribers, there is also CBD lotion). Finally, we included some Savannah Bee honey with a honey dipper, along with some delicious shortbread cookies.

Bee Happy Box

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Bee Happy and get ready for summer!  This box is filled with lots of goodies: the bee themed tea towel, Naked Bee lotion, hand sanitizer and hand salve as well as a  container of Savannah Bee honey with a honey dipper.  The shortbread cookies are also included.