Marilyn's Gift has a gift to honor Hanukkah. Send this gift to someone to let them know they are special. This box includes: a Hanukkah micropuzzle, a menorah hand towel, pine scented mini candle, mug and hot chocolate.
Send someone a Marilyn's Gift Hanukkah Box.  This box includes: a menorah towel, socks, a micropuzzle, a candle, hot chocolate and a mug.

Hanukkah Box 2022

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Hanukkah, often called the Festival of Lights, is celebrated with lighting the menorah, traditional foods, games and gifts. Send your special someone a gift box for Hanukkaah.  Our gift box includes some items that will let them celebrate this special season:  a menorah towel, a hot chocolate mug, some hot chocolates, fuzzy socks, a hanukkah themed micropuzzle and a pine scented candle.

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